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Back To School

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

It's almost time to go back to school.

Be it primary school, high-school or university we're sure there's a lot of you guys are nervous and excited for new beginnings. Earlier this fall we collected and shared stories concerning racism in Norway. More than 60% of the stories that were shared with us had taken place in schools. Not only was there racism among the children, even teachers were actively racist towards their pupils. This is a devastating trend.

This past summer, social media has been filled with anti-racist campaigns. Mainstream media have published articles and interviews by people who have first-hand experience with racism. We have all been given the opportunity to learn more about the issues black people are facing both in Norway and abroad.

As we welcome the fall we want to encourage everyone to take accountability, speak up when you see racism.

There is no longer room for excuses like "I didn't know". We have all had every opportunity to educate ourself these past months.

New beginnings are challenging enough as it is. Children and young adults shouldn't have to be dealing with racism and discrimination on top of that. Let us all do our part and work towards this new beginning being the one where racism is not tolerated, and racist comments and actions are called out. Don't be that silent bystander that lets it happen. Let us all be that change we wish to see.

As @steffieomayazi put it: "Educate yourself, learn & take actions. It's very easy to be a kind human being. You just have to choose to be one. That's all."❤️

Afryea Collective wants to wish everyone good luck with new beginnings.❤️

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