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Afryeas Three Pillars

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Afryea Collective is built on three pillars: Strengthen Identity, Build Community and Celebrate Diversity. We aim to incorporate these in all of our work, be it art, activism or other aspects of what we do. We see the importance of these three pillars in practice and our aim is to bring together creative minds that, in some way or shape, promote these three pillars through their work.

So Why did we choose to focous on those three?

Our focus on strengthening Identity comes from own experiences and stories shared about having to compromise parts of one’s own identity to be accepted as part of the larger community. We incorporate intersectionality into all of our work because we believe it is important to acknowledge all aspects of a person to better understand each other.

Design by: Jenny Skaale

As with the Identity pillar, the focus on Community building is one that aims to create a safe space where people can come together and where there is space to be you without compromising parts of oneself or others.

We aim towards creating rooms and arenas where there is space to be who you are with the support of others. Our focus is on already existing communities that lift and support female+ creators, in addition to building a community that inspires and motivates. Being part of the Afryea Community means coming together to find support in others that have similar experiences as oneself.

Design by: Jenny Skaale

The third pillar is built on the idea that there is strength in numbers.

We see or differences as an enrichment to our community. We want to place value with the individual uniqueness possessed by each member of our community.

Design by: Jenny Skaale

Disclaimer: All three Icons are designed by Jenny Skaale.

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