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About Self Love

I love to feel good about myself.

I believe that all that it takes to move on to self love is:

When you want to feel it you make way for the things that helps you engage in it. I have a whole list of things that makes me feel the love I want for me, by me.

I listen to the right words spoken about me. I take it all in and filter the negatives. I affirm these words and I make them my own.

I also do things that makes me feel loved - like doing exactly what I want:

Getting that hair style, painting, reading that book. Getting to spoil myself a lot.

Self love should make sense to me and not just be something to do because everyone is up doing it!

I have to be deep in my own experiences in my own chosen efforts.

It is what makes me complete. It is what makes me understand how much I am loved by me.

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